My adult programming at Carnegie Library of Homestead focuses heavily on structured computer use, because many of our patrons do not have access to computers at home, or may have always been unable to use computers.

Adult Technology Education Classes

Using the Computer for Beginners! Summer Class

Using the Computer for Beginners
The Carnegie Library of Homestead will be offering a 10 week course called “Using the Computer for Beginners” on Wednesday’s and Friday’s from 12:00 pm-2:00 pm. For beginning users, who want to learn the ins and outs of the computer, and how to use the computers at the library.

Weeks 1-7  will focus on using the physical machine (mouse, keyboard), and move on to creating and saving files, using the internet and searching on Google, opening and using an email account.
Weeks 8-10 will focus on creating a resume and applying for jobs online.
The course will cost $10 and include a USB drive to save files.
Starting May 22nd, and continuing until July 26th.

Table of Contents

Complete Class

Class 1:Hardware and Programs

Topic 1: Hardware and Using the Mouse

Week 2: Using the Keyboard

Topic 2: Using the Keyboard

Topic 3: Using Programs

Week 3: Computer's Filing System

Topic 4: Saving Files

Review Week

Topic 5: Using the Internet


Topic 6: Email

Week 5: Review

Topic 7: Using Microsoft Word

Week 8: Writing a Resume

Topic 8: Resume Writing (Coming Soon)

Review Week

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