New Job, New Projects, New Resources


Queen Anne’s County Library, Kent Island Branch

Exciting news has been in the works for coming up on a month now. Starting January 11th, I’ll have the honor and the opportunity to start working at Queen Anne County’s Kent Island branch as their new Youth Services Librarian. I’m extremely excited about this opportunity, and I’ll get into a little bit about  what the job entails, and how working as a Youth Services specialist will be different from my generalist position at Anne Arundel County Public Libraries in a moment. The opportunity came along like a whirlwind romance– a quick proposal, a wonderful meeting, and an offer within 2 weeks. So, I assure those who know me that I was not “hunting” to leave AACPL.

After the jump, there will also one of the resources I’m planning on taking with me to Queen Anne’s!

But first, I want to take a moment to reflect on my 2 years of work at AACPL. The system has come so far, supporting fantastic staff and growing in leaps and bounds. I had intended on staying on at Edgewater for much longer. The staff are phenomenal, and my manager here is one of the best I’ve ever worked under. It fulfilled all of my expectations; moving to a smaller community branch in a large system offered me opportunities and flexibility that I had been looking for.  But I’ve been yearning to work in a small system since I left Carnegie Library of Homestead–where you know your neighbors, the kids that come in know your name and what to expect from you. At AACPL I worked as a generalist, and while that rang true on the desk handling reference, I didn’t get many opportunities to program for older populations, which I had been hoping to do. Now, with my focus narrowed I’ll be able to put my all into a variety of crazy programs! I’m sure you’ll get to see some great examples!

The opportunity at Queen Anne’s came sooner than expected, but was exactly what I was looking for. Working in a smaller system leaves you so many opportunities for flexibility and will certainly keep me busy! Working as a Youth Services Librarian, my focus will be on children ages 0-teen. I’ll be working on Early Literacy Programs weekly, as well as partnering with staff and volunteers to do additional programming. I’m really excited about the resources of the system, and the staff is really top notch. And, believe it or not, there is a middle school, elementary school, and high school all within walking distance of the branch. This will open up opportunities– both for partnerships, and having the kids after school. Since its close to where I currently live, I’ll also be able to stay in the area where I’ve met such cool people.

But I promised you a new resource!

One of the things I’ve been working on as I left was to develop a good reader’s advisory resource since I’ll be leaving the hive-mind system of my current (and former) branch. I expect I will be calling my “experts” from time to time to fill in the blanks, but I’ve put together a Goodreads account of different recommended books for Youth Services!

You can check it out here:

I’ve also been scanning flannels that I’m a fan of, and I’ll post those in the coming weeks.

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