Summer Reading Club: Super Windows!

SRC Inspiration and Theme

This years summer reading theme through most of the country is Every Hero Has a Story. Annapolis really got into the swing of things when I pulled together some window painting!

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The Inspiration: Super Hero Post-It Mural

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Long story short—we don’t have the budget for that many post its, and I wanted to paint the windows!!

Using those people as templates, I created super and community heroes that would fit in our own windows:

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The Process:


  • The paint you buy must have good pigment (can’t be super cheap)… My iron man is pretty pink during the day. That’s the only paint I didn’t buy for the project specifically. I think I spent 15 dollars total on good paint. So I should have spent (2?) more on red as well.
  • ¼ inch tape works best otherwise the character gets a little lost, I’m redoing the police lady for that reason. I got three for 10.89, and it takes about one and a quarter roll for my windows for each.

How to:

Our mascot, Sneaks is coming up next.


  • Measure your windows, you may have to change the shapes of some of the heroes to fit— the smallest squares I’ve gone with have been 1 3/4, which turns out to be 1 ½ once the tape has been applied. Number them with a dry erase marker, so that you can make adjustments.
  • You can change any of these images with the fill bucket in Paint to fit the windows like I did with the police woman, and Iron Man. (both lost some width to fit on our windows.)
  • Measure it out with a ruler & dry erase marker (on each side and on top) so that you can create the grid before you put up the tape.


  • Print out the image from paint and number the grid (and the tape) with a sharpie like this:


  • First go through and dab the paint where that color will be. I used black first as the outline.
  • As you fill the space pull the tape, if possible, when it is still wet so it doesn’t crack.
Super Sneaks

Super Sneaks

If you so choose to, enjoy!

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