St. Patricks Day Family Storytime

family readingThemes: St. Patricks Day, Green
Early Literacy: Phonological Awareness

Families with young children enjoy a variety of stories, songs, rhymes and movement activities while building early literacy skills (ages five and under)

Family storytimes at AACPL are focused on all ages between birth- 5 years, and they tend to be a little smaller at our branch, which allows sometimes for more creativity. This storytime was specifically marketed for St. Patricks Day, and so we had a pretty good turn out while we talked about the color green… and phonological awareness!

Welcome to an AACPL Early literacy storytime. My name is Ms. Elaine. Don’t worry about wandering children, please feel free to step outside if they need a break, and rejoin once they are ready. For now, it doesn’t matter whether your children follow along. If your kids see you play along they’ll want to copy you so please silence any cell phones and try to keep conversation until the craft and social time afterwards.

 Early Literacy Tips: Explain

Today, for early literacy we’re going to focus on the idea of phonological awareness, which is to say simply focusing on hearing and making sounds, and rhymes. The reason I wanted to look at that today is because when I think of St. Patrick’s Day, I think of two big things: the color green and folk music!

Opening Song: Wave My Hands

I wave my hands like this,
I wave my hands like that,
I clap my hands together,
I wave my hands like this.

 Flannel Board- 5 Little Leprechauns

2015-03-17 14.16.21

…he slipped off for a nap, and then there were none.


Itsy Bitsy Green Frog

The Itsy Bitsy Green Frog,
Climbed up the coconut tree.

He gulped down a bug,
That crawled upon his knee,

He flopped on a leaf,
And took a nap all day

Then the Itsy Bitsy Green Frog,
Went hopping on his way!

2 Little Birdies

2 little Birdies
Sitting on a cloud
One named SOFT (whisper)
One named LOUD (shout)
Fly away SOFT
Fly away LOUD
Come Back SOFT
Come back LOUD

 Early Literacy Tip: Example

Many of our songs and fingerplays today help slow down the words in our books. In our next song/book with song, we can clap along to the beat, or all sing together to help establish the breaking up of words.

Songs/Activities (options)

Unicorn – Dublin Over (band) – Clap-along Song

Toddler/Preschool Book: The Croaky Hokey Pokey

Calming Fingerplay

Open, Shut Them
Open, Shut Them (open and shut hands)
Open, Shut Them (open and shut hands)
Give a little clap clap clap
Open, Shut them, Open Shut them,
Lay them in your lap lap lap
Creep them, crawl them, creep them, crawl them,
Right up to your chin, chin, chin,
Open wide your little mouth,(AHHHH)
But do not let them in!

(if needed)

I put my hands on my head,
I put my hands on my shoulders,
I put my hands on my knees,
I put my hands in my lap
And I’m ready for another story.

Books (options, depending on age group)



Nighty Night, Little Green Monster by Ed Emberly


where is green sheep51G9RdV51jLgreenwilma

Where is the Green Sheep? By Mem Fox *craft
Five Green and Speckled Frogs by Pricilla Burris
Green Wilma by Tedd Arnold



Good Luck Bear by Greg Foley
Go Away Big Green Monster! By Ed Emberly

 Fingerplays (can be used in between books)

5 Fat Peas

5 Fat Peas in a peapod pressed
1 Grew
2 Grew
So did all the rest
They grew and they grew
And did not stop
Until one day
That Pods went POP (CLAP)

Early Literacy Tip: Expand

Sing songs with your child every day. Songs naturally break words into syllables and are a fun way to learn about word sounds.

Final Songs (options)

Skidamirinky Dinky Dink – singalong song with motions
Tell Me Ma – Dublin Over – Scarves / Instruments
Singalong: Shake My Sillies Out – Shakers/Sensory Sticks

Craft: Green Sheep

Thanks to Laura for the craft—

2015-03-17 14.17.04

 2015-03-17 14.17.18

A successful program on a Monday at 7 pm, 13 preschoolers and 11 adults. Its really starting to build a following!

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