STEM Programming: Lego Fun Outline! May 14, 2014

Lego Build Program: Pirate Adventure

Come for brick-snapping fun! Design and build your own fantastic creations.
Note:  We’ll supply the LEGO bricks: please do not bring your own. The bricks must remain at the library. (elementary school students)

For this program, I partnered with my coworker, Kate B. to create an awesome lego adventure!


Set up

Set up all of the legos around the room on top of blankets to ease clean up of legos. Kind of like this, but you don’t have to buy a specific product:


Set up “display” tables, that have places to draw islands, water, etc on butcher paper for our Pirate Adventure display… ARRR.

Set up pirate chests and coloring sheets to decorate, with crayons.


Welcome! – Introduce Selves

Two Rules:

1) All Legos stay here

2) No fighting over Legos!

You may plead, beg, barter and negotiate, but you may not complain.

After that we will all share the things we have built.


Doors, bathrooms, Join the Summer Reading Club!

Book Display

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

…and any other books about legos that I ordered through the system.

 Explain Evening

  • Pirate theme
  • Group build with our water and island
  • Share extra Legos, move to different spaces to get more
  • Coloring sheets, and treasure chests to decorate are on that table.
  • We also have a lot of Lego books to check out on the same table.
  • When you hear the music, it is time to clean up.

Reveal Legos!
(until now the legos will have been “closed” inside of the blankets to keep them listening for a few minutes)

Challenges (10 minutes each)

  • Build something with the same color
  • Build something with 9 blocks

Free Pirate Build!

Clean up, admire and present!

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