New Job!

As many of you know, I’ve been seeking full-time employment as a Librarian, and lucky- for-me an amazing opportunity has been offered to me, and accepted.

Marylanders, be excited! I will be moving to Southern Maryland right before my start date– But you Pittsburghers haven’t gotten rid of me yet! My job doesn’t start until January 13th.

Anne Arundel County Public Library
January 2014

Programming, reference and readers’ advisory work with all ages; collection development; assisting branch manager in overall branch operations, including supervisory assignments.

The position is with the Anne Arundel County Public Library.They are focusing on increasing programming,  outreach, and early literacy work, but they were looking for a jack of all trades. Excited to be starting there on the 13th (Can you believe they wanted me to start on the 30th??). It was crazy fast– they offered me the job the next day. I’m still adjusting to the idea of a quick move– its a crazy prospect.

I had applied for 4 open full time positions in September, but didn’t  make the cut. When another position opened up, they asked me in to interview. I’m intending to move in with my mom for my first few weeks of work, and then move all of my belongings to the area (looking for apartments now) in early February.

More information as it comes!

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