Homeschool Art: Egyptian Portraits

For the month of November, we are focusing on art and science projects related to the Ancient Egyptians. Their culture is rich with scientific principles, and interesting art. For our first project of the month, I decided to base my work off of this project from Incredible @rt Department. This website has been invaluable for use in my Homeschool Art program at Homestead Library.

2013-11-14 13.01.37

As always, first we started by looking at some books related to Egyptian Art that we had at Homestead’s collection:

Egyptian Portraits

Supplies Needed:

  • White paper
  • Pencils
  • Paint
  • Brushes

I created two examples of the steps of creating these Egyptian portraits before class:

2013-11-14 13.01.34

Pencil Drawing

2013-11-14 13.01.37

Painted Drawing

Then we all sat together while I showed them the different shapes you can use to create a side-portrait of a face, while I brought someone up to stand sideways to show what a face from the side looks like. We also talked about Egyptian clothing styles, and artistic styles (such as drawing the eye “football” shaped like it looks from the front while drawing someone from the side)

2013-11-14 13.19.38

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Then we pulled out the paint! This time we looked at what kinds of colors the Egyptians focused on, and talked about what colors they might have used if they had access to them.

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And thus, Egyptian portraits were born!

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