Job Transitions, Maker Spaces and Volunteering

While the change from Programming Coordinator at Homestead to Library Clerk at CLP Squirrel Hill has been difficult, I’ve already learned a lot this week!! I can do so many new things with Millennium, and I’ve been passing along all kinds of information to Homestead’s new director, Tina Zins. She’s been an absolute dear.

Since my transition has resulted in a general lowering of my involvement in programming, since Squirrel Hill has very distinct roles. I’ve decided to start volunteering at Homestead tomorrow to continue my work in their Homeschool Art/Science program. Expect to hear more updates in relation to these S.T.E.A.M. programs I’ll be running each week. Tomorrow is Science. So far in the science program, I’ve introduced components of Scientific Thinking each week, including the scientific method– (What is our Hypothesis?).

This week I’ll be integrating in research.


Woot Science.

Tomorrow I’ll also be going to a program on Maker Spaces through Pittsburgh’s Assemble, which is a really exciting event to get a feel for things!

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