Teen Time: Yarn Dolls

Teen Time: Yarn Dolls

Today at Teen Time was really great! Thanks for all of my great helpers.


My dolls are adapted from this post, with the help of a volunteer who taught us all how to make the dolls.

Yarn dolls are a perennial favorite with kids of all ages! If you can wrap yarn you are on your way to having a doll.

For two yarn dolls

  • Yarn
  • Book, piece of cardboard, DVD case or other study object the height you want your doll to be
  • Scissors


With color A, hold one end of the yarn at the edge of the book or piece of cardboard. Wrap the yarn around the book several dozen times. The more times you wrap it the fuller and more sturdy the doll will be. After you’ve wrapped the yarn around enough times to make the doll the size you want, cut it from the skein at the same edge you started on.

Take a short piece of and tie it securely around the bundle of yarn, but be careful not to pull in the sides of the bundle too much. Slide the yarn off the book.

Wrap the bundle of yarn around the ball of yarn to form the head. Arrange it so the tie on the bundle is at the top of the head. Tie tightly directly under the ball with A to form the neck.

For Arms: Separate out equal sections of yarn from either side of the bundle to make the arms. Tie tightly partway down with A to form the wrists.

For Hands: Cut just below the wrists to form hands.

For Waist: Tie the remaining main bundle tightly together  with A to form a waist.


You can choose to make legs or a skirt.

For Legs: Separate the rest of the yarn under the waist into two equal parts. Tie each bundle tightly near the end with A to form ankles and trim the feet.

For Skirt: Leave the rest of the yarn alone for a skirt with a looped hem, or cut the loops and trim them to be even for a different look.


For Easy Wrapped Hair: With B¸ wrap the yarn loosely several times around your hand. Slide the loops off of your hand and tie one side of it together with B. Cut the loops so you have one bundle with no loops. Tie to the top of the head with B.

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