Question of the Day(s)

So, this is for the question of the day, which is an opportunity for the kids to earn starts towards a prize, or additional computer time. It’s an opportunity for me to introduce them to information they don’t know and How to use our resources to find information, books, etc. It’s best that the answer can be found in our collection, since they are unlikely to use their own computer time to answer the question.

Why do we celebrate Labor Day?
When was the first Labor Day celebrated?
Find a year in which the Pittsburgh Pirates win over half of their games.
Where did the WWE start?
Where in the world do pandas live?
Find a picture of 2 different kind of elephants.
Find a young adult book which tells a true story about a person.
Find two books which won awards, read the back, and summarize the stories based on the back.
Name two dog breeds which do not shed.
Name a food that is a legume.
What is the difference between iodonized salt and natural salt. Why are they different?
What causes scurvy?
Why do onions make your eyes water?
Why do leaves change color in the fall?

Find a book that has a movie adaption.
Which American president served the shortest term, and why?
Find a DVD based on a book.

17 down, around 250 to go.

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