Libraries reluctant to judge appropriate reading for minors

Libraries reluctant to judge appropriate reading for minors

The struggle to define age-appropriate content is not unique to libraries. In recent years, school districts have faced challenges to certain novels or films being used in class. Libraries have encountered objections from parents concerned with what children bring home.

I come up against this from time to time at Homestead Library, mostly because we have some “age-restricted” videos at the Library. My opinion (although, obviously I do not represent Homesteads opinion on this matter) is that the library should provide materials without restrictions. How can we draw awareness to banned-books week while we restrict access?

I agree that it is up to parents to decide how to handle their kids access to library materials, and stay involved and knowledgeable in their lives. Its also important to me to keep in mind that ratings are guidelines and that parents should influence their kids decisions about what to watch, but they should also get involved in framing those materials, and discussing the issues that come up in the videos.

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