There are 62 million Americans that don’t know how to use the internet. And millions more who are happy to help.

After seeing a few commercials for this on television, I decided to take a look at this website, which is intended to educate older or new computer users. Anyone who has been following this blog knows that adult computer education is something I am often involved in. I decided it might be interesting to investigate this new website.

Will it be good to direct patrons to?

What resources does it make available?

How do the lessons correlate to mine?

Could I use it as a tool in my classes??

So I signed up for the website today, and the first thing that I noticed was that they have a message board for computer-literacy teachers. It was the first time I really got to interact with my colleagues in computer literacy. The first class is very similar to my own, which you can take a look at here. I think I may be able to integrate the lessons here into my own work.

This is the commercial that led me to taking a look!

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