Teaching a Class, Feedback,and Libguides

July 23 & 25

Mendeley Class for ULS

Although I was nervous, I quickly fell into the routine of the class and worked with the students during and after the session to bring everyone up to speed.


After the session, the feedback of the general session was very positive, although more than one person mentioned that they would have liked the session to be more hands-on. In addition to feedback after the session, the participants were asked to answer a short survey afterwards.

6. What did you like best about the session?

“Content covered and instructor’s responsiveness to questions”

“Instructor was confident as a speaker and clearly knowledgeable about Mendeley”

“The progression of the session, and the way that Elaine kept repeating what had just been covered.”

7. What did you like least about the session?

“That it was not overtly set up as a hands-on session.  Working through the content with the instructor in real time would have been most beneficial. While some of us did this, it wasn’t built into the session.”

As a response, we have developed a workshop, for hands on training in the Mendeley Desktop for next week.

You can view the outline here.

Advanced Research Tools Libguide

After my Mendeley Session, it only made sense to do more work on the “Managing Citations” section of the Libguide. This is the (nearly) complete page:

Managing Citation

The Jing video I created can be found here. Its peaking out of the bottom!

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