Toddler Storytime: Robots!

Wow! Today was such an amazing day at Toddler Storytime! The kids had a blast with our books about Robots! Kids came in droves to this storytime- 25 is a Homestead Library Record!



“Hello Robots” by Bob Staake


“The Robot and The Bluebird” by David Lucas

During this story, we all took a break to lay down and look at the painted ceiling at Homestead, so that everyone could find their very own favorite sky picture.

airplane hotair balloon


“Doug Unplugged” by Dan Yaccarino


iPad Ap:

Toca Robot Lab- We used this iPad ap to build a robot while some helpful parents quickly cut out more robots– We didn’t expect 25 kids!!

Build a Robot:

2013-07-03 10.42.58


  • mini clothespins/toothpicks
  • Pipecleaners
  • cardboard cut into robot-sized squares
  • tinfoil
  • glue
  • various small objects for eyes and noses


Precut your tinfoil and cardboard squares. Direct toddlers to glue the tinfoil around your robot. Provide materials for feet (like mini clothespins, sturdy toothpicks), arms (pipecleaners)– You can stick these right into the side of the cardboard!

We used crayons, mini square pieces of paper, round balls and sharpies to create our robot faces.

Suggested Reading

  • Boy + Bot
  • Snowbots
  • Robots Everywhere
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