Four Major Projects at Hillman Library

My internship at Hillman has become a series of 4 concurrent projects.

1. Develop a Digital Portfolio using a WordPress blog
You can see the updated versions of this at

2. Work as a TA to help in the development of a series of integrated courseweb library modules for the freshman IAS (Introduction to Arts and Sciences) course.
This week I attended a blackboard training and took notes on how blackboard is used by professors and administrators with the rest of the IAS team. I took notes on the different aspects of courseweb, and their relationship to potential library modules.
Right now I am waiting for my TA username and password so that I can work on the courseweb sandbox they have created.

3. Assist in the development of an Advanced Research Tools LibGuide and class.
Right now, Leslie and I have developed a document to take notes on the literature for the different tools to work on creating the LibGuide for this.
I am also awaiting my LibGuide training ( it was supposed to be last week, but the woman who was going to teach me had to take a leave of absence due to maternal reasons) and integration into the Pitt library website with limited capabilities towards certain Libguides ex. IAS, advanced research tools, and Mendeley.

4. Work with Leslie on Citation Management courses, focusing on Mendeley with the intention of teaching a course, updating the LibGuide, and writing my own lesson plan.
Right now, I am working on my lesson plan, which I will post here once it is completed, and have created a testing document with Leslie to check Mendeley’s effectiveness pulling citations through various methods online. Button, export to RIS, and add document.
I’ve also been charged with checking the citations for accuracy in the endnote/mendeley testing documents.

Phew. I was feeling like maybe I wasn’t making a whole lot of progress, but it all wooshed in at once this week!

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