Digital Repositories: Resource Space

Resource Space 4/ 5 Stars

Description of My Collection

For this collection, I pulled together a series of 10 images related to the Elk River, in North East, MD. The images included looking off of a cliff, and the waterfront.



The ResourceSpace platform handled this particular collection very well, as it was a clear collection of images developed at the same time in the same location. You could add information about selections of the collection—super helpful when your collection was from 1 particular day, at one particular location. It would not have been as helpful in my previous collection, which combined articles and images from different times and places.

resource details


You must have a “title” which it applies to all of your resources when you upload them. Once again, you must put your data in before you put in the information about your resource. I’m not sure why this annoys me so much.


This collection type lends itself well to creating images, and displaying image collections. I would have to investigate further to discover whether it handles written materials. Uploading is easy. I would use it to manage other photo collections that I have compiled.

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