Advanced Research Tools: Lesson Plans, Mendeley and Libguides

This week at my position in Hillman we focused on designing and beginning the upcoming “Advanced Research Tools” class. It seems that I’ll be doing much of the work related to it, in collaboration with Leslie. The brainstorm we ran between Marnie, Leslie and I is attached below. We’ve come up with about 5 main categories of “research tools” which range from presentation programs, cloud servers, to do lists, RSS feeds, citation managers, and collaboration tools. We’re still pulling from other researchers,and contemplating a survey to locate more useful tools. Many of the tools we came up with, I already knew about, but I’m excited to learn more about the others! I’ve already downloaded a few apps to try out while we work on it. I’ve begun putting together a beta version of the LibGuide based on our brainstorming, and I’m focusing on a bit of a pet project in the guide to highlight underused parts of the library, like our classes, lib guides, digital resources etc. I hope it makes it through the evaluation board because I think it would be a great implementation.

In other news, we’ve begun to move forward on Mendeley testing. We have already launched the EndNote testing- which consists of different librarians accessing databases from various browsers and machines and tracking its strengths and weaknesses to add to the LibGuide. I designed an equivalent document for Mendeley, which focuses on the plugins as well as databases built-in export button.
So, it’s going pretty well thus far. I plan to start working on my portfolio next week, maybe update my database a bit for it as well.


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