Creating a New Class at Hillman Library

One of the things I pride myself on is my ability to notice when things aren’t working, could be better, or there is an unfulfilled need, and constructing a way or a solution for that problem. In the past, it has helped out my institutions because I train new employees, create better/new working documents– I even created a student handbook at my Lab in undergrad during my spare time, which had a lot of the training information needed for the job, as well as the expectations of the employees, developed by me and my supervisor, of course.

In this case, I was concerned that doing mostly clerical work (finding articles, testing documents) may not be as helpful to my future career as really getting in depth into the instructional design. I worked with Marnie on a need that we were seeing in Graduate level students– their knowledge about Information Management tools for Research Papers, or even dissertation work seem a bit lacking. Leslie and I have begun the process of developing this course, to be taught twice this summer (once by me!)

And so, I have begun to “Construct and craft a lesson plan on Information Organization with evidence based assessment” as my resume says!
This class focuses on the Tools for Research, and replaces (possibly) my advanced Mendeley class, because the current Mendeley class is very comprehensive.
Some of the tools we intend to look at are:
Of course I am happy to continue to do research for Marnie, I know she needs the assistance, and that’s what I’m here for, right? Now I just have some things to work on that are mine and allow me to be creative.


I’ve also begun reading “Creating the One Shot Library Workshop,” by Jerilyn Veldof, which has been a great review of many of the education classes I took in Undergrad, and helped to change some of the techniques I’ve learned so that they can be applied to short-timed workshops.
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