Starting my Instruction Internship!

This week marked my first week at Hillman, instructing with Marnie Hampton. I’m quite pleased that in addition to working with Marnie, I am also coteaching with and being supervised by Leslie Eibl. This week was focused on doing research in relation to Courseweb integration in Library Information Literacy for Freshman– What are other people doing? I got myself set up and got to work. A lot of the things I learned in Reference, and Research Methods came in handy for this task, since she wanted a fairly comprehensive collection of articles from our resources. I then collected up the citations to send to her.

The reason I’m collecting these resources is because we are intending to integrate modules on IL into Courseweb which professors can choose to include in their course content in the Fall’s Information for Arts and Sciences groups (IAS) at University of Pittsburgh. Eventually, we’ve discussed me getting directly involved, but right now I’m just gathering information about how other people are doing it.

One morning I did dedicate to setting up my laptop with all of the collaborative tools, Box (the Universities new Cloud subscription), creating Mendeley groups between Leslie, Marnie and I, and other little helpful programs. Hopefully we’ll get my laptop hooked up to the office printer next week.

I also attended Leslie’s current “Introduction to Mendeley” Course. Eventually, Marnie’s intent is to have me teach this course session. I already know a lot about the program from 2600 (Introduction to Technology in Librarianship). I have been using it since the Fall, and so I even taught Leslie some things that she didn’t know. I really appreciated that she included me in the teaching, and thanked me for my contributions. Such a healthy group of people!
You can check out her libguide at

Finally, my to do list continues next week with working on research related to Information Literacy Rubrics, and testing programs (alternatively to SAILS). I also signed up for the Endnote class so that I can get a handle on the program I haven’t used before.


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