PaLA Grant Writing and Fundraising Workshop

I attended the PaLA Spring Workshop today at the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit in Greensburg, PA. Some of the work was a little over our heads as students, and we seemed to be in the minority (I think we may have been the only students!). The work we did was really interesting, and I was excited to learn about information that isn’t directly handled by our institutions MLIS program. After all, there’s only so much you can learn in a year, right?

The workshop was really interesting, and focused on the funding part of managing a library. The first bit focused heavily on Grant writing, especially focused on the overhead budget, which a lot of grant writing seems to neglect. The day to day costs of a library are immense, I didn’t even realize how much each dollar gets stretched! I suddenly thought: wait, I have some of these skills. It’s like a cover letter, a paper, a proposal and a resume all smushed together!

While that was interesting, I found the fundraising part of the seminar absolutely wonderful. The speaker, Sarah Jane Lowry was enthusiastic and filled her presentation with stories, examples and images. Even multitasking, I sucked up the ideas for public outreach and really connecting with the public. I think that it’s a major issue in Librarianship– that our visibility is too low. Sometimes I feel like we take for granted that people know what we are doing and what we are here for…

Hoping to do another seminar on content development, and rewatch the free offered webinar on weeding.

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