Moving further into the field

I’m very excited to announce that I got the internship in Library Instruction at Hillman Library for this summer! Since the position will put a strain on my time, I decided to tender my resignation with Centers for Rehab services (where I work as a secretary) so that I can focus on my career!

I’m thrilled for the great opportunity, and I’m looking for some part-time academic library work so that I can really emphasize the types of work that I’m interested in doing Graduation is in August, and I’m doing everything I can to show that I have goals and get as much experience as I can.

I’m also thrilled that the librarian I’m doing my internship with will be such a fundamental help to my long term goals. Marnie and I are going to be working on creating a portfolio to showcase the types of work that I’m getting involved in. More to come! Libguides, ahoy!

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