Musings on HTML, written in HTML

<!DOCTYPE html>
Creating Headings & Paragraphs in HTML

<h1>Musings of an MLIS Scholar</h1>
<p> In the IT field, creating html documents has become
obsolete in the face of new programs. I’m focusing
on at least one of those programs in a post later.</p>

<p>In addition to Libguides, and reference resources like ipl2,
learning HTML is a good way to build skills to find a position
in our field as a hybrid or a blended librarian. Before I started
using codeacademy, I did some work in HTML to create a
website, but this is giving me a much more firm grounding. </p>

<p> Its important as a student of MLIS that we broaden our
horizons and skills, and code academy has become and excellent
resource to improve my skills in my spare time. </p>

<P>Can’t wait til we start CSS!</P>

<p><a title=”Code Academy” href=”” target=”_blank”></a></p>


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