Projects: HTML in Code Academy

Right now, I’m working on improving my HTML experience. We touched on it in the Introduction to Technology class at University of Pittsburgh. One of the things I have found with CodeAcademy ( is that I can work on my coding, but I’m also working on documents that I need to write, and managing information I’ve been thinking about–

If they are giving me the opportunity to write whatever I want, why not do something productive and fun?

I figured that as I work through the Code Academy course, some of the information I come up with can be posted in this blog, after all– they are musings, cover letters which describe my experiences and goals, resumes, and sometimes thoughts about class work I am doing, and what kind of coursework I wish was offered.

I have a variety of interests and I would love to talk about my ideas on different library issues that are coming up in my day to day studies.

So, Upcoming Posts:

Course Wish Lists

Resumes/Cover Letters

Odd Experiances

Ongoing Projects

Updates on Coursework (Official and Unofficial)

Comments on Webinars Attended

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