Toddler Storytime: Libraries!

I was really excited on this week to focus on Libraries at the Library, and the theme was a big hit with my kids and the parents!

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“Library Mouse” by Daniel Kirk


“It’s a Book” by Lane Smith


Library Feet

Our library is very small, and so the kids loud feet can be heard throughout after they finish their craft! So today we learned about “library feet.” Everyone crept around on their tiptoes, giggling and trying not to wake “the library fairy.”


Create a Bookworm Bookmark!

2013-07-03 10.43.22

So, I had just picked up some awesome googley eyes and thought: what better to make than bookworm bookmarks!

Materials Needed:

  • Green construction paper
  • Red construction paper
  • Googley eyes

I precut out some bookworm bodies (longer cylinders which seem to “wiggle” along), some feet, and handed out the eyes, bodies and feet. We had a blast putting together these cute bookmarks, and then I did it again with my kids at Precious Cargo.


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