Why do we still need librarians?

Technology can never completely supplant the usefulness of a human contact to gain a clear, in depth help. Whether technology moves onto other forms, people cannot specialize in every type of knowledge, and the plethora of search methods to find specialized knowledge. As the way to find information changes, culture will constantly be catching up to the new technologies. Our role as librarians is to take on the responsibility to learn these new methods and provide them to the general public. As technology changes, librarians will have to become more flexible. An example that has already occurred is the creation of direct referencing through email, text or instant message, is “real-time digital reference [which] has been extremely well received by users, which in addition has led to a 52% increase in email reference service” (Helman 2008)When changes in libraries occur, the methods of reference must change the   Information saving and retrieval is what our profession specializes in— information has already changed immensely, from the bard who sang epics, to our vast databases of today. Tomorrow, who knows? Something new might pop up to revolutionize how we interact with technology.

We signed up to be lifetime learners.

Helman, Deborah L. 2008. “Science & Technology Libraries Bringing the Human Touch to Digital Library Services.” MLS 20 (September 2012): 83–96.

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