New Job, New Projects, New Resources


Queen Anne’s County Library, Kent Island Branch

Exciting news has been in the works for coming up on a month now. Starting January 11th, I’ll have the honor and the opportunity to start working at Queen Anne County’s Kent Island branch as their new Youth Services Librarian. I’m extremely excited about this opportunity, and I’ll get into a little bit about  what the job entails, and how working as a Youth Services specialist will be different from my generalist position at Anne Arundel County Public Libraries in a moment. The opportunity came along like a whirlwind romance– a quick proposal, a wonderful meeting, and an offer within 2 weeks. So, I assure those who know me that I was not “hunting” to leave AACPL.

After the jump, there will also one of the resources I’m planning on taking with me to Queen Anne’s!

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Babies in Bloom: Singing

BIBBabies from birth to 18 month (with caring adult) enjoy songs, action rhymes and playtime while building early literacy skills. A great way to get to know other families in your community!

Early Literacy Tip:  Like reading, singing is an activity that requires listening. It’s another opportunity for your baby to begin to understand language and feelings expressed through language and sing-play.*

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Preschool Storytime: Clouds, Shaving Cream, Shapes and Letters

preschool storytimeChildren ages three to five (with caring adult) build the early literacy skills needed for school readiness through engaging books, songs and activities.

For this week’s storytime, I decided to integrate some of the changes that I learned in my most recent storytime training (you can read more about here), in particular cutting down and changing my tip, and using an activity rather than a craft.

Our Preschool Storytime is two groups, one at 9:30, and one at 10:30, so I’ve started changing the activity/craft so that the turnaround between the two groups is doable.

  Early Literacy Tip : Shapes now become letters later, so talking about shapes is always awesome—even in a book that’s not a “shapes” book.

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Early Literacy Tips for Parents & Caregivers Workshop

For those non-library professionals, this may read a little boring. Apologies! I promise more fun fingerplays, songs and book suggestions soon. From time to time at Anne Arundel County Public Libraries, we have the opportunity to sharpen our skills and do additional training. For this training, we’re discussing our transition to the current Every Child Ready to Read Initiative, the challenges that we face when we’re integrating tips, and some ideas that we can use to integrate them into every aspect of our library service.

AACPL Guideline Changes

-Emphasis on at least one comfortable tip, two if it works

-Adjustment from Literacy Skills (Phonological Awareness, Vocabulary, Print Awareness, Print Motivation, Letter Knowledge) to Early Literacy Practices (Talk, Read, Play, Write, Sing). So, visually shifting from the Tree, to the Sun.


This does not mean that the Literacy Skills are unimportant, but that they are easily described from the view of the Practices (filtered, as it will).

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Favorite Outreach Fingerplays!

Five Fat Peas in a Peapod

Five fat peas in a pea pod pressed
(hold your hand in a fist)
One grew, two grew, so did all the rest
(put thumb and fingers up one by one)
They grew and grew
(raise hand in the air very slowly)
And they did not stop,
Until one day
The pod went POP!

(Clap on pop!)


Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom,
We’re going to the moon.
Zoom, Zoom, Zoom,
We’re going very soon.
If you want to take a trip,
Step into my rocket ship.
Zoom Zoom, Zoom,
We’re going to the moon!
5, 4,3,2,1… BLASTOFF!


Tommy Thumbs

Tommy Thumbs are up (thumbs up)
and Tommy Thumbs are down. (thumbs down)
Tommy Thumb is dancing
all around the town.
Dancing on your shoulders,
dancing on your head,
Dancing on your knees,
then tuck him into bed.

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My Song Cube Songs


This is not my cube, I stole this cube. Pictures of mine to come!)

We now have two song-cubes at my branch, and at least two our early literacy specialists use them. My most common Song Cube is the songs below (and I refer to them in many storytimes). I use this cube as a planned song-break and as a break off in the normal storytime when kids get fidgety!

Some of our songs work better than others, Banana, Teapot, Head, Shoulder’s Knees and Toes, from this cube, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and a few others from the other one. With this knowledge we are planning to make one combined cube to rule them all. Its best (for the way we use it) for the songs to be memorable, short, and movement based)

To learn more about making your own song cube, check out:

Storytime Underground: Hey! Why Don’t You Make a Song Cube?

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Check out AACPL’s first Music Video: Honey I’m Good

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